Is the UK leaving Europe?

Sometimes you may hear or read that the UK is leaving Europe. We are not. Europe is a continent which the UK is part of. I am British English in Nationality and also European because Europe is a continent.

The false idea that the EU is Europe is put about by those who are pro-EU. Please understand that this is propaganda by those who wish to use words as they want to use them. To equate the EU with Europe is to insult the Swiss, the Norwegians and the Russians who live in Europe, including those who live in Moscow.

EU stands for European Union. The EU is a political project. It is not a continent as Europe is. The UK has voted to leave a political project which seeks to standardise so many things in the name of trade, which do not really need standardising. The EU project is a bureaucracy which delights in producing red tape for nations to tie themselves up in.

The UK is leaving the EU project.

The UK is not leaving Europe as we cannot find a a saw big enough to sever our islands from the mainland.

The UK is not taking an isolationist stance as some accuse us of. We are taking a globalist trade stance. We are open to trade with the world and have people migrate to us from the world, as long as they qualify to live here according to the needs we have. Being part of the EU limited our scope, made us ‘parochial’, we are now reaching out to the world.