“Life is a journey”

I find it it hard to accept that life is a journey, unless life is bigger than the one life we tend to expect in the West. It’s not much of a journey for too many people especially those whose lives are cruelly cut short.

I find the negative belief of reincarnation mainly found in the East to be hard to accept too. The one where the ultimate aim is to stop reincarnating because it is just an endless weary cycle of differing lives does not appeal to me at all.

I was raised in an atheist or agnostic household but had an adult conversion to Christianity when aged 18. I was introduced to conservative evangelicalism and really did think I had found the Truth. I look back now with some regret because I was ignorant of theological issues at a time when they couldn’t be looked up on the Internet.

Today I have come a long way in my thinking and beliefs. I even think reincarnation may well be true and I may have experienced memories of past lives in dreams and past life drama therapy. Unlike the Eastern version though, I do not believe reincarnation is about living endless lives on a spinning wheel.

I believe those lives are a journey. This life just one stage.